Boiling Springs Cemetery

* Canvassed June of 1984 by Elsie Rumley, Joyce Fay Rumley Wilson & Jim Wilson
This cemetery is approx. 7-1/2 miles North of Centrahoma, North of Church.
It is an Indian Cemetery

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Last Update: 2 Nov 2004
ALLEN Adelin 15 July 1898 19 Apr 1979 Mama
BURRIS Moses 21 Dec 1876 13 Aug 1972  
CARPENTER Grace E.   29 Apr 1980 Age 51yr 7mo 18da
FRAZIER Evelyn Ida 1 Dec 1919 13 Feb 1984  
GULLEY Robert G. 2 Mar 1890 17 Feb 1977 Brother of Moses Burris
KENNEDY Donny Lloyd 12 July 1928 13 July 1968  
McCLURE Benjamin Eugene 8 Aug 1935 1985  
MILLER Colson 24 July 1928 16 Nov 1981 Age 53
SHIELDS Francis   26 July 1975 Age 34yr 2mo 14da
SMITH Mary Malsie 9 Jan 1971 9 Jan 1971  
TEKUBIE James Levi, Sr. 30 May 1919 15 Sep 1991  
WALTON Clarence 4 Dec 1908 14 Jan 1977  
WHITE Carl, Jr. 1964 1981  

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