Hearrell Cemetery

Hearrell Cemetery is located across from Joe and Bea Ward's home at Olney, Coal Co. OK
Read by Happy Morrison and submitted to the CCGS.

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Last Update: 23 May 2005
* HATHAWAY Lessie V. 29 Aug 1897 18 June 1898 Dau. of W. M. & H. A. Hathaway
"Beautiful lovely she was given;
Budden on earth to bloom in heaven"
* HEARRELL Salina 9 May 1894 12 Aug 1908 Wife of P. D. Hearrell
"Gone but not forgotten"
* MORAN Elizabeth 7 Nov 1822 6 June 1908 "Farewell Dear Mother, Sweet Thy Rest"
* MORAN Ruben T. - 8 July 1901 Aged 48 Years
"Thy Trials Ended, Thy Rest Is Won"
* TAYLOR Mandy 4 Aug 1850 31 Mar 1899 Wife of T. J. Taylor
* TAYLOR T. J. 10 July 1850 5 Apr 1899 Husband of Mandy Taylor
"I have fought a good fight.
I have kept the faith" The. IV:7
* WINCHESTER Filmore P. 20 Oct 1876 29 Nov 1904 Son of J. S. & N. M. Winchester
"Gone But Not Forgotten"
* WINCHESTER Maudd 18 Feb 1881 6 Apr 1904 Wife of A. R. Winchester
"The gates of Heaven for me shall open wide"
* WYRICK Callieb 28 Feb 1897 31 Mar 1897 Son of M. W. & M. P. Wyrick
"Sweet Babe thy spirit now hath rest,
Thy sufferings now are over"

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