Legal Cemetery

Legal Cemetery is located on N. E. of Coalgate on Hwy 31, approx 15 miles,
4 miles East, 8-1/2 miles North, 2 miles East, 2 miles North on Hwy 31.

This cemetery is unmarked. An old chimney stands in a feed lot on the West side of the road.
Here, walk around a lake and back West on top of a knoll in a grove of trees.
There is a barbed wire fence but cows have got in and knocked over a tombstone.

According to some old settlers, this was one of the first Choctaw Indian Settlements in Coal County.

The lake East of the cemtery is Spring Fed.
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Last Update: 6 Dec 2005
* ALLISON Tommie May 4 May 1882 12 Nov 1901 Wife of R. J. Allison
This inscription on South side of marker
* HOWARD Thos J. 3 Sep 1852 1 Apr 1909 North side of marker
* KING Andrew or Anderson Oct 1837 22 June 1909 Age 74 years
* KING McGehee Oct 1886    
* KING Mitchell 1874    
* RIDEL Sean 19 Nov 1867 17 Dec 1907 Dau of A & Sophia King
* SKINNER Jesse Mae July 1884 June 1911 J. M. S.

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