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Marriage Records

Here are some marriage records I have ran across.
If you have some records to submit just send me an email and I will get them added.

Date of Marriage
Age G/B
Residence G/B
Cathcart, Joe Glascoe, Mrs. Elne 5 NOV 1914
Mar 2003 CCGS
45/46 Coalgate/Coalgate      
Harper, Edgar Lee Taylor, Alice Victoria Nov. 16, 1931   Stonewall      
Heatherly, John E. Partin, Helen Ruth May 1, 1939   Coalgate      
Lowry, George W. Roberts, Elsie Leota Aug. 9, 1924   Coalgate      
McCann, John Billington, Sallie Sept. 6. 1900 23/17 Hennipen/Hennipen
J.S. Ferguson
I.T. 925
McLaughlin, William Stoops, Georgia Ann Dec. 23, 1892       I.T.  
Mayse, J. J. Middleton, Sarah Sept. 11, 1900 25/17 B??wyn/Hickory
A. Springer, O.M.
I.T. 926
Monds, J. D. Buchanan, Mrs. Pattie 5 NOV 1914
Mar 2003 CCGS
29/24 Coalgate/Coalgate      
O’Neal, Conner Clover, Miss Eugie Belle 5 NOV 1914
Mar 2003 CCGS
19/19 Tupelo/Tupelo      
Paxton, Clyde L. Osborne, Lois July 25, 1938   Coalgate      
Reeves, Robert T. Jordan, Goldie Nov. 14, 1917   Lehigh      
Smith, Lawrence Reed Keener, Vera Mae May 14, 1922   Coalgate      
Taylor, Jess Moody, Lee Sept. 16, 1900 20/17 Ravia/Ravia
W.D. Smith, Min. of Gosp
I.T. 927
Tucker, G.D. Milton, Della Sept. 8, 1900 24/18 Arter/Ardmore Not Executed I.T. 928
Welch, Jas G. Molton, Miss Lillian 5 NOV 1914
Mar 2003 CCGS
20/18 Clarita/Tupelo      
Williams, J. A. Dunn, Miss Bell 5 NOV 1914 26/20 Ada:/Jessie      
Wolfe, John Earl Bronsema, Ella Dec. 21, 1936   Coalgate      
Yates, O'Neal Rose, Maybell March 5, 1956   Coalgate      

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