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GRIST Family

I am trying to find out anything I can on my Grist family. John M. Grist and Frances Jane Grist. In Chickasaw Co. census IT Ok in 1900. Coal County 1910 and 1920. If you have any info on this family I would appreciate it. I know that John and Frances Jane are buried at Byrd's cemetery. I received that information from the Coal County Genealogy Society. I need to know all of the Grist names that are buried in that cemetery. Also there was a Willis Grist in Atoka that died from consumption in 4-1914. Would you know how I can get a copy of the clipping from the Newspaper? Or was there anything in the newspaper. He supposedly owned the drug store in Atoka. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by Oscar & Penny Worden March 1, 2002


I am looking for the parents of Joe J. Jenkins. Joe was married to Minerva Davis and both are buried in the Wardville Cemetery. They had 6 children, Ed, Harrison, Mattie, Jim, Frank & Charlie. They lived in coal county for many years. I have found them there in 1910 but have not located them yet for 1900. Any help on this family would be appreciated.

Submitted by Angie Jenkins Long March 8, 2002

Marshall in Coal County Named STOUSE

Does anyone have any information on a Marshall in Coal County named Stouse? I am sorry, but I don't know what year he was a Marshall. He had a sister, Francene Stouse, that married Edward Usher.
Ruth Atteberry Adams
Atoka County USGennet Coordinator
e-mail address: okcoatoka@usgennet.org Submitted March 16, 2002


The Stoops that I am looking for is George Nickolas STOOPS, he married my gggrandmother Jerucia Jane Scott EARNHEART, she went by Jane. they are both buried in the LeHigh Cemetery. her birth is March 1831 in Lincoln County North Carolina, death 6 Sept 1917.
The COMBS is a daughter that lived in that area her name is Emma Earnheart Combs. born 28 march 1864, at the time of her death she was in Shaftner California.
There was another daughter that lived in that area her name was Georgia Ann STOOPS and she married WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN in coal county 23 dec 1892.
All these married in Coal County. I am mainly looking for descendants of this clan.
thanks so much.
Susan Submitted March 18, 2002

Mary Pauline (Lena) Storie & Fitzgerald Family

My name is Linda Novak I am looking for information on my grandmother.She was raised by a family named Fitzgerald in Phillips township Coal county Oklahoma.I have traced her in 1910 she was 15 years old.She married and lived in Atoka and Colgate and Lehigh all the rest of her life.Her name was Mary Pauline Storie.She went by Lena.Her married name was Noe or Noah.My dads name is Damon Noah.Her husbands name was Jessie William but they were divorced.The family she lived with was William and Margret Fitzgerald.I am sure everyone in Oklahoma new her as Lena.Her parents died when she was young.There name was Marshall and Evelyln Storie.She had 2 brothers John and Joe and one sister I think her name was Jodie or Jadie she married Cleo Willliams he was a police officer in either Ardmore or Willison Oklahoma.Any help would be great.I am going to be in Colgate April 4th with my dad.

Linda Novak Submitted March 22, 2002

Arvard Hudson

While going through a yearbok of my grandmothers I found she had glued several items in this yearbook which spanned the years of 1919 - 1923. One of the things which was in the yearbook is an empty envelope which had contained a letter from a cousin of hers. My grandmother noted in the margin that this cousin of hers was one of her dearest cousins and was married to Mr. Arvard Hudson of Coalgate OK. I've tried to find out who Mr. Hudson was married to with no success. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

Jeannie Rabbitt Submitted April 1, 2002

1st wife: Irene Davis Hudson, b. 1901 - d. 1927, Buried in the Coalgate Cemetery

2nd wife: Florence Juanita Black Hudson, b. 27 July 1909 - d. 26 Apr 1999 - m. 24 Dec 1929, Buried in the Coalgate Cemetery.
Submitted Dec. 10, 2002



Looking for parents and siblings of a MINNIE STEVENS, may have been born about 1896 in or near Haywood, Oklahoma. MINNIE STEVENS married VERDAL A. MITCHELL August 10, 1915 in Centrahoma, Oklahoma.
The 1920 Oklahoma Census shows Minnie and Verdal to be in Latimer Co., Oklahoma. Verdal is age 24, Minnie is age 23. MINNIE STEVENS MITCHELL dies about 1928 do not know for sure when, where, or where she is buried. Verdal
Mitchell married again in 1932 to one Fannie Hogan. If you can help with this STEVENS family; I surely would appreciate it...

Norma Mitchell Submitted April 27, 2002

Also looking for UNKNOWN Mitchell, father of Verdal A. Mitchell. I know that UNKNOWN MITCHELL married a TEMPIE HOBGOOD. I do not know when or where Unknown Mitchell and Tempie Hobgood married. They had one child I know,
named Verdal A. Mitchell but do not know any siblings of Verdal A. Mitchell. Unknown Mitchell dies and Tempie then married a man by the name of "Shorty" Crow, again do not know when or where. Tempie Mitchell Crow is buried in the Centrahoma Cemetery.
If you can help with any of these families, I would appreciate hearing from you...Thanks for any help...

Norma Mitchell Submitted April 27, 2002

James. C. Macurdy

I am researching the photographer James. C. Macurdy (or J.C. Macurdy) who arrived in and worked the towns of Lehigh and Coalgate from c. 1895- to perhaps as late as 1920 I have him there in 1900 as per the 1900 Indian Census. A photograph of Macurdy in front of his studio appears in the Lehigh Web page under Lehigh Yesterday..

I am seeking any and all information about Macurdy ,his family and his photographs. I do not know exactly when he arrived or when he left , although I've tracked him down in 1920 when he and his wife Betty entered the Odd Fellows Retirement Home in Liberty, Missouri. If you can offer any information about him or can refer me to any local historian who can, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I hope to use this information and the photographic images that I have collected to one day write and publish a book on his life and works. Acknowledgement to those people who have helped along the way will be duly noted.

I thank you...

James Higbie Submitted May 1, 2002
824 High St.
Boonville, Missouri 65233


David Jeffrey & Elizabeth Greenen

David Jeffrey and his aunt Elizabeth "Greenen" in the US 1910 census in Hanraty twp.
Eliz Greenen had 12 kids, two born in Scotland, some in Kansas , the rest born in
Coalgate. Elizabeth Greenen turned out to be David's mother younger sister.

David was a coalminer, and single as of 1920. His two brothers joined him in 1904 in Coalgate but both returned to Galston within a year. One, mygrandfather told me he dug coal in "Pittsburg" but it was too wild a place at that time to bring his young family.

If anyone has any information please contact me.
Jim Jeffrey


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